The YWCA conducts social justice workshops as a catalyst for social change by providing training in understanding and confronting complex social justice issues and our role in dismantling oppression. The aim is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools to help build a more equitable world.

Our workshops place value on what each person brings to the learning environment and use activities that are interactive and accessible to multiple learning styles to advance a shared understanding of complex social issues.

Workshops are generally three-hours long and offered on a weekly basis at various locations throughout Portland (check out individual trainings for location information). These classes are open to the public and can be taken individually or as a series (view package rates).

Workshop Pricing & Package Rates

Individual Registrant Type Price
General Admission/Non-Profit Organization $30
For-Profit/Government Organization $60
YWCA or Impact NW Volunteer $15
Student $10

DHS 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Series (12-15 sessions)* Price
General Admission/Non-Profit Organization $375
For-Profit Organization $600

* Please note that a materials fee may apply in some instances.

  • “I feel fortunate to be part of a group run by the YWCA. In my experience there really isn't any other organization better equipped to run training like this.“

    – Domestic Violence 101 class participant

  • “Everyone knows someone who needs support in some way. This class is another tool in your toolbox.”

    – Supporting Survivors class participant

  • “I cannot adequately describe how well done this class was.”

    – Understanding Oppression class participant

  • “This information made a lot of things make sense to me. I lived in a home with an abusive relationship and now so much of that experience makes sense to me and I feel like I can process my feelings about that better.”

    – Dynamics of Batterers class participant

Want to organize a private training session for your group or organization? The YWCA runs on-site training sessions for groups and organizations of all sizes. The sessions are tailored to meet your budget and specific needs and can run from one hour to one day. Go to our Private Workshops page to find out more!

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Social Justice Program Manager
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