The workshops and training classes listed below count towards fulfilling the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of Justice – Crime Victims’ Services Division (CVSD) requirements for advocate privilege and certification (40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training). If you would like to purchase a package of courses that fulfill the requirements, please click the button below.

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Understanding the Impact of Trauma (02/23)

This workshop will examine the range of trauma response, articulate the connection between oppression and trauma, and teach skills to support survivors of trauma and build sustainability for trauma work.


Communicating Across Cultural Differences (02/28)

Learn the range of intercultural communication styles (low/high context; linear/circular; direct/indirect/intuitive; formal/informal; detached/attached; task/relationship) that can impact perception and communication effectiveness.


Supporting Native Survivors (03/02)

An interactive class that will discuss Native American history in the United States, long term generational trauma and its effect on current Native American society.


Exploring Values Differences (03/28)

We will examine the importance of understanding our own personal and work values and that may be the root cause of when things go sideways on teams and in interpersonal relationships.


Sexual Assault Dynamics (04/04)

This presentation will help participants understand the root causes of sexual violence, its prevalence, its impact on survivors, and the dynamics that make sexual violence a stigmatizing crime.


Dismantling Racism (04/12)

In this workshop participants will understand racism in a historical and current context, learn about white privilege, develop knowledge of institutional racism, and address concepts of colorblindness and the United States as a post-racial society.