Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women.


FPP Families Reunited for the Holidays

In celebration of the holiday season, participants with the Family Preservation Project (FPP) enjoyed a performance of The Nutcracker on Dec. 20, courtesy of the Oregon Ballet Theater. It was a special reunion for FPP members, all of whom are mothers who served time in prison.

YWCA makes its debut in WW’s Give! Guide

YWCA of Greater Portland and the Family Preservation Project debut in the Willamette Week’s 12th Annual Give!Guide Let’s have an incredible first year this holiday season by starting strong and spreading the word about this exciting annual effort that helps raise money for the YWCA of Greater Portland Family Preservation Project and other local non-profits! Visit our Give!…

Upcoming Events

Developing Inclusive Practices (02/04)

Categories such as power dynamics, internalized racism, and inclusive practices will be broken down to very specific topics to analyze how the structural power dynamics that play out daily in our workplace with co-workers and when working with clients/service users.

Understanding Oppression (02/09)

This workshop provides a theoretical and practical understanding of oppressions and their basis in power and control. We will capitalize on participant knowledge to establish a working understanding of oppression and draw on participant interests and roles to equip participants to work more effectively for social justice.