Camp Westwind, owned and operated by the Westwind Stewardship Group, is a residential camp that fosters youth’s curiosity and zest for life and educates them about the diverse world we live in.

Located along the breathtaking Oregon coast, Camp Westwind has been changing the lives of Oregon families for more than 75 years, and is underpinned by the following goals:

  • create a fun and safe environment for youth to learn and explore
  • cultivate new experiences
  • build a community that encourages awareness of self as well as others
  • encourage youth to gain valuable independence and leadership skills

The uniqueness of Camp Westwind is closely tied to its location, which is situated at the mouth of the Salmon River between Neskowin and Lincoln City. The site lies within the United Nations designated Cascade Head Biosphere Reserve, one of three such places in Oregon, and only 651 in the world.

The YWCA provides up to 20% of Camp Westwind’s capacity through camp scholarships. This scholarship funding allows for low-income youth from the programs of the YWCA and its partner agencies to attend Camp Westwind.

How You Can Help:

Volunteer during summer camp or throughout the year in the Westwind office to serve the children, teens, and families who attend Camp Westwind.

Donate to help provide scholarships so children and teens of all backgrounds can have access to transformative educational programs like Camp Westwind.

Attend a Camp Westwind Stewardship Weekend. These volunteer service weekends include site work, cleaning, and conservation.

Youth Camp

Youth camps are tailored to meet the needs of first-time or junior campers, who are supported while expanding their boundaries and exploring the world around them in a safe and nurtured environment. Youth camps introduce campers to new friendships and new experiences, growing their self-confidence and sense of self.

Teen Camp

Teen camps provide teenagers with a platform for self-discovery and personal growth. Whether they are interested in making new friends, growing their leadership skills, self-discovery, or simply having a fun summer, Camp Westwind is guaranteed to have a program to suit their needs.

Family Camp

Family camps aim to deepen the bonds between parents and children by offering activities and experiences that bring families closer together. Camp Westwind’s family camps are comprised of: mother-child camp, father-child camp, and campOUT, one of a limited number of camps that are specifically designed for LGBTQ families.

The WSG has owned the Camp Westwind land since 2006. If you have questions, please contact Matt Taylor, Executive Director, at (541) 994-2383 or

Facts About Camp Westwind:

  • 86 percent of campers experienced an increase in their abilities to connect with peers of different backgrounds than their own.

  • 90 percent of campers reported a significant increase in their confidence in making new friends.

  • 95 percent of campers reported an increase in their independence and ability to advocate for themselves.

  • 96 percent of campers learned a new skill as a result of camp.