Class Description

While domestic violence is a global problem, its cultural interpretations and expressions vary. In this training, we will explore traditional cultures of Immigrants and Refugees and how it can impact access to services that may be crucial for survivors of domestic violence. We will also discuss distinguishing dynamics of domestic violence and how we can better assist the Immigrant/Refugee communities here in Portland.

Learning Objectives.

Participants will have an improved understanding/awareness of:

  • What domestic violence looks like in an immigrant and/or refugee community;
  • How culture plays a role
  • The challenges immigrant survivors of domestic violence face in accessing services

This workshop fulfills a requirement for 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training

We welcome participants with special needs. Please let us know if we need to make any arrangements. Please contact Dara Snyder at or (503) 294-7395

Pricing and Registration

For any questions regarding registration, please contact Dara Snyder at or (503) 294-7395.

Accessibility Information

  • A lift is located on the north side of the building (on Belmont St)
  • A ramp is located in the parking lot on the south side of the building
  • Ramp and lift entrances are equipped with ADA door openers
  • All 3 levels of the building have elevator access
  • Gender specific restrooms on the main level are ADA accessible and equipped with automated doors
  • Gender neutral restroom on the lower level is ADA accessible and equipped with an automated door

Date & Time

  • Wednesday, July 5, 2017
  • 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Location and Maps

Presenter and Contact Info

  • Presented by Gladys Boransing-Ismail, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
  • Contact Us
    Phone: (503) 294-7395