Women of Color Healing and Support Group

The Social Justice Program is convening women of color (WOC) who want to gather together for support and healing with other WOC. We are an increasingly growing and diversifying group and believe that by working across cultures we can transform and improve our communities and enhance our well being. We meet and share about our experiences in an open and fluid, yet facilitated format. We also go on occasional wellness-oriented outings (like group hikes or trips to gardens). Eventually we may plan more outward-facing, racial-justice oriented events, depending on the wishes of the group.

This group meets approximately every 3 weeks for 2 hours and offers a safe(r) space where WOC are invited to tell their stories of struggle, resistance and resilience, and build relationships as well as our resolve and capacities. Our outings balance that and allow us to restore, connect, and explore Portland together! There are about 40 members of this group with varied levels of involvement. We have been meeting for about a year now and new members are always welcomed. We use a consensus-based decision making model.

Allies/accomplices please be advised:

We appreciate your solidarity and indeed, hope for your support. We ask that you respect that meetings and our outings (unless otherwise noted) are only open to women of color. We also fully intend to engage you more in our work ahead! You can also develop your skill set by participating in our workshops for social change

  • “This group has not only been a safe space to bring up our struggles, challenges, triumphs, and experiences as women of color, it has also been a collective of strength, resilience, rage, and love. Here in WOC4RJ, we create community, invest in self-care, educate one another, and strive to increase equity in our society.”

     ~ a WOC group member

To Become Involved Contact:

Dara Snyder
Social Justice Program Manager
(503) 294-7395