Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces

As tensions flare and incidents of public hate skyrocket, join us as we explore what inhibits us from interrupting hate. Learn how to overcome those inhibitions and practice skills for becoming a strong ally for all those targeted in today’s hostile climate. Using tools and methodologies proven over decades of use from the foundational text: Training Active Bystanders, we will learn how to build a culture of peace by engaging in active nonviolence.

This workshop fulfills a requirement for 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training

Pricing and Registration

For any questions regarding registration or accessibility needs, please contact Dara Snyder at or (503) 294-7395.

Accessibility Information

  • Ramp Access from 55th Street Entrance: Move up the ramp and through the church office entry doors. Then move through the Sanctuary and make a right upon entering the main entry hallway.
  • Ramp Access From 54th Street/ Parking Lot Entrance: Directly across the street from the parking lot entrance is a ramp moving up along the side of the building to the left of the play ground. Move up the ramp and through the double doors. Make a left upon entering the hallway and there is an elevator just to the right of the stairs. Take the elevator up to the main floor. Turn right out of the elevator. Then move through the Sanctuary and make a right upon entering the main entry hallway.
  • Ramp Access from Belmont Street Main Entrance: Take the right side ramp up to the Main level of the building directly beside the main stairs. Take the left side ramp to access the lower level of the building.

Presenter Bio

Rabbi Debra Kolodny is a veteran of several social justice movements, bringing a spiritual perspective and an activist passion to racial and economic justice, women’s, environmental, peace and LGBTQ causes since 1981. She currently serves as the spiritual leader of Portland’s UnShul and recently ended her tenure as Executive Director of Resolutions Northwest.

From 2002 until 2011 she served as Executive Director of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, the headquarters organization of the Jewish Renewal Movement. She moved to Portland to serve P’nai Or as its rabbi for three years, and then lead Nehirim-a national retreat and advocacy organization for LGBTQ Jews.

Since 1998 Rabbi Debra has worked at the intersection of faith traditions, a place she considers to be a fulcrum of power and potential. She has taught in hundreds of venues on the topics of Judaism and sexual orientation, gender identity, meditation, prayer, environmentalism, Eco-Kashrut, Restorative Justice, mysticism, peace, deep ecumenism, healing the wounds created by religion and more.

She published the anthology: Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith in 2000, and dozens of essays and interviews on blog sites, in anthologies and magazines.

Rabbi Debra graduated from Cornell in 1981, from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1985 and from the ALEPH Jewish Renewal Seminary in 2011.

Date & Time

  • Wednesday, July 26, 2017
  • 10:00am – 12:30pm

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