Camp Westwind has been changing lives for the past 75 years.

Campers learn about teamwork, leadership, preservation and sustainability through everything they do at camp, preparing them to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted individuals in every aspect of their lives.

Here’s a story about one of our recent Camp Westwind scholarship recipients:

You have to keep changing schools. You’ve outgrown your shoes and have to wear your brother’s old ones. Your Mom is sick.  You can tell that Mom’s stressed, and you overheard that the police want to take her away.

These are worries that a 12-year-old shouldn’t need to carry. But this is Letty’s life.  Letty has grown up not knowing whether there would be dinner at home, having to move frequently, and living with the threat of deportation.  Then Letty learned that her Mom had cancer.  Letty has had to grow up quicker than most girls.

Thanks to the advocacy of YWCA Camp Westwind staff and her mentor through a YWCA partner, Letty was sponsored by a YWCA donor to go to Camp Westwind last summer.  At camp, Letty had a chance to just be a kid, and to focus on having fun, learning, and growing.

Her mentor Sara wrote us:

“Last year was Letty’s first year at camp. Initially, she was incredibly nervous to go, fearful of crossing the water from the bus drop-off site to the camp. Staff made sure that she was supported in doing this.

When I went to pick Letty up at the end of camp, she came out of the bus with a huge smile on her face and said, “That was awesome!” She then told me almost a minute-by-minute detail of everything she experienced at camp. Even though she was afraid of water at first, she ended up going kayaking three times!

I want to thank everyone at YWCA Camp Westwind and the people who help fund this program so that  children like Letty have the amazing opportunity to go to camp.”

Give today and help provide scholarships so children like Letty can go to camp.

YWCA of Greater Portland is committed to making sure children and teens of all backgrounds have access to transformative educational programs.  Year after year, parents, children and teens tell us that the bonds they formed at camp and the experiences they had were simply “life changing.”

With the help of caring supporters like you, we look forward to having Letty at camp again this year and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish!  She is growing up to be a courageous young woman and we are proud to support her journey.  Please join us in making sure Camp Westwind is there for youth like Letty.

in 2013 it cost $655 to send a child to camp.  not everyone can afford to go to camp.  that’s why we have our camp westwind scholarship fund, which helps low-income children learn and explore together with all of the other campers.